Monday, March 19, 2018

Have You Given In

Melting snow and heavy rain leave Croatia hit by floods - The Last Protocol gives us ways to prevent floods. Thousands of Kurds in Hannover Germany demonstrate against Turkish president - German arms sales to Turkey should be a diplomatic drill of the old. Assad visits troops in Ghouta as civilians flee in Syria - That is the madness: for subjects to run away from their leader, Assad is the lunatic. Sixteen migrants drown off Greek island including five children - These migrant countries can only get jawasimics in their inhabitants' palms to solve each nation's economic problem[s] making them stay at homes. Three more bodies recovered from Florida bridge collapse in U.S. - You might have joined the conversation on jawasimini endeavour to know No More Butty solves the technical challenge.
RB Leipzig secured their first ever Bundelisga win over Bayern Munich on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

When Positive Obedience Becomes Solution

Turkish heiress and her 10 chums killed in private plane crash in Iran after hen party in UAE - The heiress would be having her wedding next month, hen-night party which is a party for a woman who is going to get married attended only by women could be taken place in Turkey. Plane carrying 71 passengers and crew crashes at Kathmandu's international airport in Nepal - It veered off runaway, 40 dead while landing, operated by Bangladeshi airline US-Bangla, initially the aircraft was permitted to land from the southern side of the runway but it landed from the northern side, here positive obedience is the solution. White House to fund weapons training for teachers - Arm for arm is loss , for U.S. to gain here let there be prohibition.
Mina Basaran was to have her wedding in April but revelry did not Five dead after helicopter crashes in New York City river of U.S. - We set to watch Kate's Confession. President Shinzo Abe's leadership in doubt as wife embroiled in cronyism scandal in Japan - solves this for the political sphere to be more functional. Tim McGraw collapses on stage during performance in Ireland - Personal health check-up must precede if there is going to be relatively effective performance.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Whilst the weekend, Syrian boys of Assad who called themselves army splintered rebel enclave - At eastern Ghouta in Syria where the rebels hold near the capital Damascus, 900 civilians are now dead, Assad has been oblivious that nowhere immoral conduct can win over good conduct, his death his near but before that time he who has to fight shadow let him fight; and when rosy, man should not forget his only saviour.
Subhi Barakat: 1st President of Syria (1922 - 1925) Fatal shooting at California veterans' home - We asked U.S. to prohibit gun use meanwhile it is increasing man's age of purchasing gun; 4 killed, 3 were women!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Human Beings Are Fragile

Aftershocks are causing death toll to rise to 67 after a week of earthquake in Papua New Guinea which rattled the pacific nation to the deathly experience, landslides are making some living victims unreachable at the highlands, 500 injured - The government has declared state of emergency meanwhile it must discern tremor does not happen due to an area located at the Pacific, the aquatic area is not an excuse as there was a magnitude of earthquake in Iran recently,
according to Jordan Peele of Hollywood who won the Oscars 2018 recently '...we deal with the existential crisis of the knowledge, that the pattern of life we're so used to, will one day be broken...' we infer from this according to The Last Protocol that we have three factors responsible for earthquake, one is The Apocalyptic factor, second is The Behavioural factor and the third happens to be The Utility factor; learning from the three, the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea should think deeply on the behavioural factor ere the Hollywood-produced movie.

Monday, March 5, 2018

China From Earth

At the inception of the weekend, French embassy in Burkina Faso got attacked, jihadists launched twin attacks in the country on the national army headquarters and on the embassy - These jihadists are one in all nations, they are our brothers who live amidst us, however we reach consensus via the World coming to the jawasi platform in resolving this issue which has made us ignorant {see Some Unmuffleable Voices} of our common kinship.
Melon listeria killed 3 in Australia - has the sickness solved via the engine, the disease which is negatively necessitated by melon contaminated with the bacteria called listeria; the listerioris began in January at Australia as an outbreak.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The True Amendment

Toyota warns: New Trump tariffs will cause price of cars to rise in U.S. - jawasimics has a standpoint on this with little Economics enunciation here making the U.S. Government affirm there are other ways to generate incomes without inflation, because the high in the tariffs will automatically has inflation in return in any economy, to achieve an economy without inflation, the Government just needs to let the economy be diversified, with much different forms via the jawasimics app.
McConnell, U.S. Senate majority leader shelves gun bills for banking reform and sex trafficking bills - No one is saying banking reform is not a priority however those who are to assimilate its efficiency must not be holistically gunned down, to the Republicans, no anathema to the Democrats now perhaps in the future as well, Republicans should affirm there is no infringement at all on Second Amendment liberties to own guns but reform which is constitutional to any amendments, raising the age requirement for buying guns from age 18 to 21 cannot yet help the situation however the true amendment of prohibiting gun use in the American society.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


North Korea 'providing materials to Syria chemical weapons factories' - This could not help the North as Russia should serve a gamut of warning to North Korea !