Monday, January 22, 2018


Several deaths in anti-Kabila protest in D R Congo - Church should obey governing authorities since all sorts of protest have been banned in the country, these protesters should have been patient till December 23 2018 when vote is held with the present organizational problems off which could not again stall the vote. Afghan hotel attack killed 14 foreigners, in Balkh 18 officers were shot dead, in western Herat province at least 8 civilians were killed when a car hit a Taliban-planted roadside mine - Vapid weekend in Afghanistan; these dead attackers dressed in army uniforms and armed with weapons, since action took place in this manner, society should rethink on our security indeed; it made many guests in the hotel climb down bedsheets tied to balconies in escaping, here we think about living so within one another which is natural making us more amicable; several bodies of security guards could be seen close to the hotel gate, when they the attackers were in army uniforms, who would blame the guards.
Are you down in war? Think to come up again via peace, German defender Robin Koch, in red and black of SC Freiburg, did against RB Leipzig via fair play successfully. Sydney's National Park remains closed after wildfires in Australia forced hundreds to be evacuated, blood as train hit buffer in the same Sydney - No incredulity here that gay Australians are evacuated from would-be reigning cosmos, Australia beware!

Friday, January 19, 2018


It was in Quetta the capital of Balochistan Province in Pakistan where Sakina Bibi was 38 ere she was in the arms of Jesus with her daughter Rizwana who was 16, they were both doing things in the western demeanours when two Pakistani men on motorbike with gun, set at them the weapon, and shot them for performing the western thing, to the Pakistani men it was a sin to articulate clout in the western manner,
though the men never thought Arab and the West were brothers of the same father however what the men need to know has been the inaction which caused the disunity between the brothers; when this is known, the West can culture well in its light in the Arab land. Naseebullah Khan has been a police official in Pakistan before the killings, he said of the woman's effort in healing the world via the light of the West nevertheless the two men's ineptitude in discovering the whole world has but of one culture made them kill the female Pakistanis of the same folk ignorantly {see S U V}, they were being rushed to hospital when they croaked. Mir Abdul was a chief minister in Quetta, said it was 'cowardice' on the side of the gunmen but to them it was a protest; unless we bring the issue of westernization is sin to the universal view,
every man of 21st century might be of cowardice! ' An attack on humanity ' he called this, though prevalent in Pakistan. The Taliban are fighting on culture but we are of one culture globally. To Pakistani Prime Minister, PM Abassi should be affirmed that our security indeed is the aptitude to be conscious anywhere in the fragile globe that devil is in the midst of men, devil to be kicked down the line of our common existence by our dynamic attitudes.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Exclusive: Nigeria

The herdsmen issue of a thing should come to Nigeria Government this time around in calling the elders of these people to a meeting in Abuja, moreover some of them are in politics, in resolving the bane of killings in the north, not paying condolence visit of commiserating whilst the dead know nothing, it should be a national proclamation from Abuja that a prohibition has been placed on open grazing when the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law in Benue State has not been in enforcement ; if you are to rear cattles, the rearer must get an enclosed grazing field, meanwhile the president is into the agricultural business culminating an end to the incessant killings from the country's north putting a stop to the carnage.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sky Above But It Is For Man

Baghdad double suicide attack kills many, at least 35 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, officials say, the second attack in three days - The issue here if we are to avert the killings in our united cosmos there are tendencies to look into the inceptions of our creation, the Divine ability in loving us without suffering, death or what have you; of the religion Islam; and of the hegemonies. Jakarta stock exchange ceiling collapses, an mezzanine ceiling has collapsed at the Jakarta stock exchange building (IDX), with reports that at least a dozen people have been injured - The problem we face here is that some engineers are not loyal to job as they rush on project completions and work with fake building materials. One can see this area from the Indonesian capitol that has been evacuated and cordoned off by police:
Police use tear gas on protesters in Tunisia, reports say, police in Tunisia are reported to have fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of youths protesting against new austerity measures, joblessness among the young is considered a key indicator of a country's economic prospects, and Tunisia's stands at around 35% - A increase in value-added tax if it is to be achieved by any nations there must be introspection into the provisions made available by the governments even for the common peoples, youth employment must not be rubbed off in plans of these governments if they do not want to experience such protests, protesters who are calling for a review of the 2018 budget must reason there has been legislature and its practitioners who ought to have reviewed the budget, are they not the representatives of the protesters ? While, a push to combat corruption must be to these politicians as an avenue of true discoveries on what posterity will tell about them. Officially dedicated for Liverpool F C.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Pacific Method

Saudi Warplane Crashes In Yemen - Iran is learning its own lesson economically; Saudi Arabia should employ another method with Iran in resolving the political tussle in Yemen as jawasi stated ere. 32 Missing After Tanker And Freighter Collide Off China - Kate's Confession has these sorts of news off on our screens while Iran rethink on its diplomatic actions to be moderate and positive. Armed Clashes Kill 11 In Mexico - This is 21st century man should learn from here to live the century more pacifically as jawasi blog visits Mexico in resolving the menace. Flooding At JFK Airport Adds To Misery After Flight Delays - will be working here meanwhile the same U.S. produces The Last Protocol.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Live The World Without These

Prominent UK CEO, family victims of Australia seaplane crash - The Confession Of Catherine Malepe has us to live without this. Time's Up: Women launch campaign to fight sexual harassment in U.S., more than 300 actresses, writers and directors have launched a project to help fight sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces - sexual harassment is a bane we need to get rid of in any societies, those who engage in this must look inward to see the prestige they lose when the bane is perpetrated even ere the law. Dozens killed in bus and lorry road crash in Kenya - The Confession Of Catherine Malepe prevents this. Iranian President Rouhani calls for unity as death toll rises in unrest - People of the republic are clamoring against high cost of living, Iran should rethink on Yemen as the country {Iran} has spent too much on the war to affect the economy negatively, this occurred in U.S. before ex-President Obama's tenures known as the credit crunch due to ex-President Bush's spending in Iraq, no Economics will tell you to spend on war because it has no positive return than to bury capital - see jawasimics. Congo security forces kill at least seven during protests, UN peacekeepers say security forces shot at least seven people during demonstration in Kinshasa against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down - Kabila should notice he cannot lead a nation in this demeanour, he had to leave in December 2016 he must not forget the World is conscious of the time, however the people should listen to Congo’s election commission saying the vote cannot be held until December 2018; since he {Kabila} is barred by the constitution from seeking another term in office, the opposition should be peacefully patient. Congo’s election commission has set new presidential and legislative elections for 23 December 2018.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

When England Becomes Holy Land

Sexual misconduct claims: 30 U.S. Democrat senators ask one to resign - sexual misconduct must not be the allegation in the U.S. Senate, lawmaking must have the colour of the one via divocracy when progressive lawmaking will be the order of the day, what should increase dramatically with the leadership of the Senate should be lawmaking of the divocracy type, not accusing one to resign due to unmannered accusation of sexual misconduct, in this cum California fires, President Trump should not have got time on hegemony over Israel about Capitol meanwhile the senators should discern the Senate as well as the Congress is sacred and to be reverend therefore the lawmakers obviate such boorish kissing and groping conducts, in furtherance one cannot think 2006 matters of sexual misconducts are thought to be allowed on the Senate floor, all these distract excellent legislative process of the divocracy manner in making a nation progressive as the Congress in any nation stands for this, the same parliament we saw in Australia legalize gay marriage: it has been their will there but the odious legislative will cannot stop flood. 7 civilians killed in Somalia after air strike near the capital - Who are we protecting? Until we realize these jihadists are ourselves, the killings might be on, we only need things to be done morally and in the order which has made even a lad recognize his right hand from the left hand, we all discern more conducts which are excellent in society before visiting Afghanistan universally however before then Greece must be mature not to turn itself to Somalia as the present clashes there must let bygone be bygone.