Friday, June 23, 2017

Exclusive: Kenya

50 have been infected whilst Cholera outbreak in the country - Ironically the contagious experience happened at a health conference in Nairobi, jawasi engine has come ere this time to the Zimbabweans to check how they live indeed, in cleanness; there are some other factors of truth about basic human living which we need to possess as knowledge preventing every sickness since orientation is only that thing which has affected every status quo this the same orientation has affected the men at the border with Somalia via motive and negative actions we needed to eschew even we need to avoid now as jawasi makes us live without the negative conducts.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fashioned To Live In Peace

Jihadists held a school hostage in the Philippines - Said earlier, we have got to realize the network is universal, one thing we must recollect has been that we are brothers of the same nature, and this international feud can only be solved pragmatically when each side is made available with what salvage us as we all engage in the past to resolve the enigma of the present. Deadly heatwave in U.S. - The Last Protocol has been a movie we cannot ignore keeping us with the memory of the event in Portugal. Iraq has come with strike on mosque - Every mind involved, both at home and abroad, must let us see death is not our destiny and killing one another or destruction even destroys what make us to be true man fashioned to live in peace and harmony, progress and efficiency. Afghanistan suicide attack: At least 15 dead following car explosion outside bank in Helmand province - Military there military in the oversea can only make us live with the negative trend, these minds need to come to the fact that Koran got illuminated jawasi which has been to bring peace not warfare.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Death In Light

Before the weekend commenced, twin bombings in Cameroon - Whether in Africa or Asia, these minds are one, one creed from Islam, however Islam paints death in white and black jawasi. 36 died as man on a suicide mission set himself and casino on fire in Philippines - We do not develop society with casino. 15 children died after a poor immunization programme against measles in South Sudan - The health sector receives its progressive reform as is launched. Bombing again after protests over deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan - Protests are not the solution, much to be resolved within ourselves jawasi now, this Afghanistan bombing informed us it is additional warfare for any side to protest or airstrike now! UK London Bridge attack - We live so within ourselves not to observe time and the truth, Muslim Council of Britain must join us in exploring Afghanistan where the 'all-out war' began, the situation which made the attacks 'for Allah' gets clarified as true 'infidels' even get transformed. Gunfire in Philippines - The jihadists may listen to this, Mr Duterte, you 'can' only 'end this war in 24 hours' of deep thought. Auto crash in India - The Confession of Catherine Malepe prevents this. Industrial explosion in China - The same movie averts this.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Crossover Week

In the week Russia thunderstorm - We live to forget what underlines our existence. Bangladesh cyclone - our conducts the buffer jawasi . Iraq suicide bombing - The expedition soon . Afghan bombing - The base of the expedition. Morocco protest on corruption and youth unemployment - Our politicians turn governance into business, where is the service ? 44 migrants died in Niger in seeking greener pasture - Our politicians turn governance into business, where is the service ? 10 soldiers mistakenly killed in Philippines via air raid - Warfare cannot save us but pacifism . Drought in South Africa - Paris climate deal yet in disunity . The rest get scarred of these but revere truth with no sentiment, man lives now submission is supreme.

Monday, May 22, 2017

When Libya Joins Chelsea Madrid Juve Monaco And Bayern

Before the weekend, 60 people got killed over military control, General Haftar should endeavour again and make a lasting peace with the Government in an action Libya's posterity may say great about such monument, now Libya has a unified army ! Protest in South Africa over violence against women - The solution is in how well we see ourselves in the mirror of truth. Missile test in North Korea on Sunday - Weaponry cannot save us in 21st century because it has been a century of more light!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Is Only Pacifism Truly Expert

Greece In Chaos - jawasimics has the access in the country for Greece to live without the protests. Three bomb disposal experts died in Somalia - Governance can be marred when men have a common forgettery of the basic moralities; history of Somalia governance; think they learn now; the politicians; however the expedition to Afghanistan makes jihadists see it all. South Africa deadly mining explosion - The Confession Of Catherine Malepe exposes how to prevent the tragedy; also rape and murder in the country - The society has the perpetrators to think the dark forces only manipulate the attackers in exhausting their glories in the wasted time of being in crime then no future no better living. One dead and nineteen injured as speeding car hit pedestrians on a sidewalk in U.S. and drove north for four blocks - we avoid speeding; drink driving and driving while licence is suspended before Kate's Confession. Deadly cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe - asseverates for clean environments both of the internal and the external ere the engine. Brazil beware !

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Contentment In Amendment

Political-cum-religious violence in Central African Republic where 115 found dead in Bangassou, a diamond-mining city in which the people do not see the virtue of diamond, the anti-Balaka and ex-Seleka fighters should come to think a nation can be later great [ like the U.S. ] after war but how many of them the fighters will remain to enjoy the greatness ? Prison break in Congo DR - The president must not forget World is waiting on him to be effective in government change for a tenable Congo. Venezuela, jawasimics is looming; but before the business app, violent Venezuelans must endeavour consider patience.