Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Rain Shall Drizzle

Electoral row in Ecuador - Mr Guillermo Lasso should observe political maturity of patience and oneness in all his political protocols whilst he makes swipes of the divocracy app. South Korean ship sank in South Atlantic - Man can live without this incident as we watch Kate's Confession. Cholera and drought in Somalia - jawasi.com solves while The Last Protocol paves way for rainfall. Enforced Colombian seized tonnes of cocaine - The positive use of cocaine is upheld not the criminal aspect which is ruinous, the drug gangs should rethink on true life. Sea pirate attack in Somalia also - employment is needed and result of war can now be seen. Floods in Australia again - embankments for the rivers really and North Korea can now see the climate change effects: Somalia and Australia. Explosion in Russia 11 killed - We so live within one another to live without truth, The Expedition to Afghanistan saves both sides. Happy Birthday Chief Ebenezer Obey, the common self-understanding is the language, no a language with enigma !

Monday, April 3, 2017


Colombia: State of emergency declared after a fatal landslide killed 254 - Ultramodern house planning is needed which has foresight of natural factors, excellent drainage infrastructures must be in place if Governments are not to fail and not corruption, maintenance of river by dredging must not be platitude, garbage dumping must not be done carelessly, whilst the people draw to Light, and Peru can listen now. Protest in Paraguay - What President Horacio should do to be a Paraguay's man of our 21st century is to stop seeking amend the constitution, and he should let election be held for a new Paraguay in 2018. Meanwhile diurnal as landslide also took Indonesia, 30 houses damaged and 11 persons died - Ultramodern house planning is needed which has foresight of natural factors, even farm locations have to be properly sited, more in The Last Protocol.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Exclusive: Congo DR

Hello Mr Joseph Kabila, the greedy president of Democratic Republic of Congo, you are the one who killed American and Swedish both of U.N. in your country and you have wasted 80 lives of police officers via beheading just because you could not organize election even before your tenure got expired in December after spending two terms of ten years of no extension according to the constitution of Democratic Republic of Congo, but you are extending the tenureship, not these militia fighters did the killings but your cupidity, this is your Abacha warning: organize election and step down according to constitution of Democratic Republic of Congo!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The View Of The Divine

Child conscription, sexual violence on children, child maiming and child killing in Sudan - The Sudanese government must brace up positively and progressively concerning this report as the World watch the government amidst the Kingdoms in the World for a responsive change which must be really positive. Plane crash in Zimbabwe, five got killed - This the same ETA Air Charter has been blacklisted by European Union cum unfavourable weather conditions, all these should have been solved before flying, these ere The Confession Of Catherine Malepe. Protest in France after a Chinese got killed by the French police - Police may visit any homes on investigation but approach is the life, scissors ought not to be raised at a fellow man under any circumstances. Calliopean cyclone in Australia - The higher wind led to power outage, evacuation, car crash, schools closure and business closure - The movie The Last Protocol makes us watch from God's View.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Exclusive: Chile

Pensions protest in this nation, a need for scrapping a private pension system with no orts - The people's voice has been that the system has not been favouring the poor but the elite therefore they should allow the Government of Ms Bachelet reform the system again, more than what she has done before as a Progressive whilst Chileans think how many of these pensioners in their young ages thought of paying pensions as business owners ? AFP [Pension Fund Administrators} is a privatized pension system managed by private funds.“What we need is a new pensions system, a new retirement plan that improves our conditions for retirement. Because after a whole life working, being exploited, we are to find ourselves with a retirement that has no dignity,” said protester Concepcion Martin.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cosmic Points

Migrant boat sank off Turkey - Syria has been a lesson for the World in learning in 1 greed there are over 321,000 deaths. Protest in Belarus - President Lukashenko thinks no discipline the tax can instill in the unemployed but crime, the government should create job opportunities while the people muse on entrepreneurship and the government moreover can diversify the economy away from tax and scraps the parasite tax. Air strike also killed 16 in Syria - U.S.,Turkey and allies should support the rebels with drones upon Assad and his dunderhead regime. Bangladesh twin bombings - search is excellent however it must be for truth. Shooting in U.S. - jawasi microblog helps here . Anti-corruption protests in Russia - Divocracy lands in there. Aid workers killed in South Sudan - Political ere ethnic here, divocracy comes in liberating the nation.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Spectrum

We heard about the row between Netherlands and Turkey - If there is going to be campaign on any referendum the President's clout should be the campaign . Divocracy works things out.We heard about pirates at Somalia - These minds need to rethink on Somalia integrity amidst nations while working naval system is a chief priority nevertheless Somalia can see why peace is a number one priority which provides employment. We heard about South Sudan in Ethiopia - S U V helps here meanwhile mutual works towards peace must be in place not some from Sudan run to a hoax of harbour in Ethiopia. We heard about avalanche in Canada - Straws In Wind measures our movements. We heard about labour protests in Brazil - jawasimics saves here. Landslide toll rise in Ethiopia we heard about that - Excellent house planning must be found, garbage can be turned to electricity watch out for No More Butty. Shooting in France we can hear about that - parental influence must not be lost we trek jawasi microblog . Parcel bombing in France we can also hear about that - Greece has to peruse jawasimics.