Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nature Has Eyes

Glumly at off Libya coast where migrant boat capsized - the movement which warrants the deaths emerges just because some countries leaders are dying without knowing it, in corruption, making the dividends lopsided but nature heaves. Five dead at nightclub in Mexico - our protection is in aptitude to digest what we conceive to be social ethic. Bird flu in Uganda - we fathom how to curb it in Cicatrices. Four ministers [plus the previous two] stepped down in Gambia despite the electoral error - Africa is informing the world the time ahead is more glorious than the time we are spending if only we are conscious of time to shift. Refugees and aid workers killed in Nigeria air strike - our resolution is more of life we live positively. Fatah and Hamas to form unity government whilst Palestinian killed in Israeli home demolition - internal unity and consensus will do a lot in resolving the border dispute.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking From The Window Of Consideration

Pakistanis should embrace tolerance at Kashmir with the Indians as only referendum brings peace to the peoples. Violent gangs in Greece: The refugees are before us to be shown kindness - we all perceive Assad's end shall put an end to every governmental cupidity. Gambia: There,is Assad in the destruction as civilian deaths reported in shelling near Damascus - he who beholds beauty of Gambia, and Syria today would urge President Jameh to step down. Anti-Trump protests in U.S. Washington : The demonstrators should let there be peace at the inauguration , U.S. has chosen him via the General Election - any other decisions might be treason as we expect divocracy. Brazil: prison riot again on Saturday - Brazilian Government needs to diversify the economy via the football leagues with the citizens see virtue in morality which cannot lead one to prison than the national mediocrity. Turkish cargo jet crash kills 32 in Kyrgyzstan - we all watch The Confession Of Catherine Malepe. Bahrain city hall set on fire after executions - liberation via information supersedes law.Two-state solution 'only way to Middle East peace'- freedom is the only thing we left in the World War I.

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Weekend To Be Spent In Peru

Palestine : protest against Israeli move to demolish Arab houses - Israel should be patient before any action here. Peru: protest over highway toll - the Government should consider wage ere any hike while waiting for divocracy. Syria: Assad and his boys have no say against Israel over the explosion because everyday they necessitate explosion upon themselves. Ivory coast:The people should muster peace while the talks.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Jerusalem lorry attack : there is occultation indeed,peoples of Palestine and Israel resolve amicably at The jawasi Resolution takes away occultation. Firing bombing and shooting in Egypt - the perpetrators get to believe the soldiers must not be the target but ignorance which partly permeates the world - jawasi makes our minds on to kick the ignorance down the line of our existence . Syria :Assad has no excuse over the bombardments, the jihadists must rethink about true jihad so that their deaths would not be in vain. Eleven dead at bridge collapse in Colombia - No More Butty is a Nollywood movie which averts such in our time. Theft in U.S. Las Vegas - the industrial espionage has us to believe if a man can understand wealth in being positive-minded he will not find himself in stealing which is deceptive, remorseful, ruinous and deadly. Language issue led to strike in Cameroon - the National Official Language must be upheld before the world speak one language via The Apocalypse. Tanzanians watch kate's Confession in averting boat mishap in our climes. SUICIDE BOMBING AND CAR BOMB IN DIPLOMATICALLY FATAL AFGHANISTAN - Taliban did not remind jawasi that we are going back to Afghanistan to dwell not in the dark. Somalia: gays executed by jihadists - jihad is getting back its true sense not to kill all citizens with bombings.Who shall then be the subjects of the caliphate ? Grenade and bomb attack in Ethiopia - we embrace positive living if want peaceful kin.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Destiny Is Not Far

Ahaha! Gambia was not in Ghana in the weekend in learning how good Government is being run. Ivory Coast : the government must respond quickly in paying the ex-soldiers based on primordial convention and vanilla regulations.Thirty-three again dead in prison violence in Brazil and New Brazil prison clash kills four in Amazon region - the prison system globally has been archaic,pragmatically man can live without prison,let us inhabit here. U.S. Florida airport shooting - a tide of Governments' measures on gun control might get well draconian if U.S at all is going to live without such death. Australian health minister probed in property scandal - to live in our various hands.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Neighbours Are Not Foes

Car bomb at courthouse in Turkey - Kurdish militants and jihadists are major Turkey's considerations, jawasi harps : Turkey should form a Regional Government whilst waiting for The jawasi Resolution. Typhoid fever at Zimbabwe,Bollywood star Om Puri dies after cardiac arrest - the engine jawasi.com solves a lot. Jihadists versus U.N.in Somalia : the protest makes U.N.reason with the affirmation that the protesters are our brothers who see no arms as the solutions.U.S. House condemns UN resolution on Israeli settlements - where is our oneness ? Sex slave statue sparks Japan-South Korea row - we learn to tolerate as jawasi moves with the trends.Deaths as car bomb hits Syrian government-held town - Assad is coming to his woes. Fuel price hike sparks riots and looting in Mexico - the Global Recession must be written on their minds.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Weeding The Garden

Train derailment in New York U.S. - man lives without that via The Confession Of Catherine Malepe . Central African Republic needs to explicate the Government into a unity one. Assad despite the planned truce is yet in bombarding Syria - disobedience dines with ruin and death.