Friday, March 17, 2017

The Spectrum

We heard about the row between Netherlands and Turkey - If there is going to be campaign on any referendum the President's clout should be the campaign . Divocracy works things out.We heard about pirates at Somalia - These minds need to rethink on Somalia integrity amidst nations while working naval system is a chief priority nevertheless Somalia can see why peace is a number one priority which provides employment. We heard about South Sudan in Ethiopia - S U V helps here meanwhile mutual works towards peace must be in place not some from Sudan run to a hoax of harbour in Ethiopia. We heard about avalanche in Canada - Straws In Wind measures our movements. We heard about labour protests in Brazil - jawasimics saves here. Landslide toll rise in Ethiopia we heard about that - Excellent house planning must be found, garbage can be turned to electricity watch out for No More Butty. Shooting in France we can hear about that - parental influence must not be lost we trek jawasi microblog . Parcel bombing in France we can also hear about that - Greece has to peruse jawasimics.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exclusive: Myanmar

Myanmar’s central government and the National Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) remember The Agreement which thou promised a broad regional autonomy to the country’s ethnic minorities hitherto the country’s government has delivered not the promise. MNDAA should let The Government reconcile with the remembrance. {MNDAA is a part of the Northern Alliance - a coalition of rebel groups comprising one of Myanmar's most powerful militias, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), and two smaller groups that have been in a stand-off with the Myanmar military since clashes in the Kokang area in 2015}.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Embracing Life: Ignorance Is Vain Death

More than 30 killed in Afghanistan after gun battle between the security and the jihadists - showing we do not need NATO here if we want true peace for all Afghans, after that the jihadists get to discern why they need to let Afghanistan be, standing again on its true and peaceful feet. Firing ballistic missiles at North Korea - The country must realize not involved in the UN is not involving in the World deteriorating the climate with the firings causing droughts and floods, and North Korea gets flooded with the negative hand of Nature as US let the nature react. Deadly blaze in Mexico, 19 dead - it is crucial for all to embrace morality which if it had been well planted and pruned its fruits would have not allowed such an incident Faux Pas saves generations of children with orientation in Some Unmuffleable Voices whilst nations do the planting. Fatal cyclone again in Madagascar - The nimble movie The Last Protocol averts the March 2004 gamut of deadly natural experience. Indonesian politicians caught up in $170m graft case - Book is even orientation. Seven wounded in axe attack at Germany train station - Not only in Afghanistan. Thousands flee to China to escape Myanmar violence - jawasi is working here. Welcome Back Home President Buhari!

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Weekend Warning

Exhausted,terrified,4,000 flee Mosul Iraq daily - Reason we must let these brothers called jihadists get the resolution meaningful to them in stopping kill one another shriving all. Egypt's Hosni Mubarak acquitted over protester deaths - Those young minds who like protests around the World must learn from this. Turkey summons German envoy after minister speech axed - Turkey must understand Germany whilst the former employs another more peaceful approach to address its people. Nicaragua's bloody conflict - jawasi is coming for mutual living.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Nature Does Not Sleep

Protests after U.S. police officer drags teen, fires gun - The tolerance we must embrace has not been utilized in U.S. walking on someone's lawn ought not to have caused shooting , America, the destiny is in our blood! Ex-IMF chief Rato gets 4.5 years for embezzlement - the rest might not like to spend their rest lives in prisons as the nature even acts. French youths protest police brutality, eight arrested - divocracy is what France needs. Calls for calm ahead of anti-migrant rally in S Africa - South Africa , nations mentioned here jawasi need to readdress ! Mexico voices 'irritation' as top Trump envoys visit - harmony here now however with cultivated peace. After bloodbath, Sufis defy fear with message of unity - in endurance there is peace.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Green Light Will Beep

UN: NATO air raids kill 18 civilians in Afghanistan - peruse jawasi below in the same post. National disaster declared in Kenya at the inception of the weekend meanwhile the cause has been drought led to starvation - this can be prevented if we watch The Last Protocol in Kenya delivering us from el nino in this bonzer period of our life. Suicide bombing killed seven in Afghanistan - the people need to be orientated even via book now NATO ought to leave if there, is going to be clime of peace indeed. Police officer got killed in Iraqi protests ahead of the provincial elections - the Shi'ite Iraqis must not hesitate on good electoral conducts but they should live to form unity with the the Sunni. Pakistan's senate boycotts UN event over US visa delay - the tolerance we maintain in it even our solutions. Romanians defy freezing weather to protest for 13th day - this is the locus we learn there is a danger in resolving lately. Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across Mexico - Mexicans should look inwards.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Benefits Are Blessed

The remained followers of Youssouf Sy in Central African Republic must cotton the Government and muse on a peaceful Central African Republic which can only benefit them all as religions are one. President Putin needs not send condolences after air strike accidentally killed three rebel-sided soldiers from Turkey ,Russia has been warned objectively even to be directly on 25 December on its bucolic relation with Syria. Romania's justice minister quits as protests continue - Romania is yet to prove to the World how really pivotal it is . Brazil to deploy military in violence-hit state - The belief in pacifism is what we all need to muster in 21st century if we can truly live without warfare. Punches fly as South Africa's Zuma delivers key speech - divocracy once again is what the country needs. President Trump fury as U.S. court refuses to reinstate Muslim ban - Judiciary will always prevail supremely.