Monday, September 11, 2017

Gamut of Virtues In Forgiveness And Forgetting

Deadly flood in Italy 6 killed - The Last protocol has Italians to view ways giving much control. Hurricane in U.S. and the Caribbean - The same movie has us to remind one another nature is not partial now some are partial to be whole in reaching the positive demeanours. Over 500 dead to cholera in Democratic Republic of Congo - Poor sanitation is not proper, poor drinking water is not the water in the palace, and huge number of displaced persons should inform the president sound health is even in positive obedience though has it solved. More than a million fled to Uganda from South Sudan - We do not remove the teeth for biting the tongue, how are we resolving quickly to obviate this in our time in furtherance, the South Sudanese study S U V with the jawasi truce to befall the region. Death toll rose to 9 in the Mexico earthquake - The Last Protocol proves correctly to the cosmos situation does not just occur.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Unextinguishable Embers

The number of Rohingya refugees crossing from Myanmar into Bangladesh has surged, the UN says, with more than 35,000 new arrivals identified in the last 24 hours - After the jawasi exclusive truce the Rohingya militants in Myanmar yet have gut to unleash clash on police posts which has caused this awry exodus, the present military counter-offensive should be blamed on them as they could not present their grievances to the Government in an amicably manner which divocracy highlights more on how to be achieved, the stateless Rohingya Muslims of ethnic minority who have faced persecution in Myanmar should be considered a state as freedom cum independence have proved recently to be peace, Rakhine Buddhist mobs should not be a partaker group here as the National Troops will be effective enough to contain the militants if only the militants, these Rohingya militants must not attack civilians now as the situation has been rectified to be of divocracy. Azerbaijan's ruling elite operated a secret $2.8bn (£2.2bn) slush fund for two years to pay off European politicians and make luxury purchases, an investigation shows - Corruption is a clog no doubt, we have developing nations to be developed however we could not by now behold blessing in transparency jawasimics teaches how to gain this despite being politicians. Indian police are investigating the deaths of dozens of newborns at a hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh -, the engine to be launched soon, solves perinatal asphyxia.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Ram Of Father Abraham

Houston flood: 'No way to prevent' chemical plant blast, at least 33 people have been killed in the aftermath of the storm, which the U.S. National Weather Service has now downgraded to a tropical depression, U.S. energy supplies have been hit, as oil companies shut down refineries in the Houston area, 40in (102cm) of rainfall in the area flooded the site and cut off its power, the company said in a statement, back-up generators were also flooded, the storm and its subsequent flooding has knocked out about a quarter of the country's refining capacity, sending petrol prices to a two-year high - Movie has to be an avenue not just a venture The Last Protocol comes to prevent flood in our time, if one's discerns the nature is tender there must be way to prevent an explosion, heavy rainfall: man can control this however even if he cannot control it how has man been in tune with nature via morality ? Mumbai building collapse kills at least 11, rescue officials say five to 10 people are still trapped, a six-storey building toppled over in India's financial capital on Thursday - No More Butty is a Nollywood movie unlike The Last Protocol, the Nigerian movie showcases how to prevent building collapse, a building of about 100 years old no one needs to inform those who are in charge that it needs renovation one of the virtues some lack despite being as human beings, the city is yet recovering from heavy rains and flooding, a third building collapse in Mumbai in less than a month, we learn to build against torrential rain from the initial. U.S.: The Pentagon says there are about 11,000 U.S. troops currently deployed in Afghanistan, a significantly higher number than was previously disclosed - The fact remains militarism cannot avert the war, we need to see one another as brothers, this ram belongs to our patrimony, then why are we yet in this, Kabul is not Manchester neither is not Barcelona U.S. should rethink, increasing transparency is in positive technology not in mortal anyway ,therefore we must not create "another graveyard" .

Monday, August 14, 2017


Burkina Faso terror attack killed 18, government said Gunmen opened fire on customers seated outside a restaurant and Turkey's foreign ministry has confirmed that one of the dead was Turkish - jihadist group one of the affiliates of al-Qaeda that are active in the Sahel region must be conscious that the expedition to Afghanistan makes it clear to the world how each side envisages itself to realize where some have missed it therefore the al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) group should endeavour to be patient, the patience which is even virtue according to the Koran. Kenya election: Raila Odinga urges supporters to strike though the international community has urged calm following the election, at least 16 people were killed between Friday evening and Saturday night in Kenya - This is quite bad, too bad, from Raila Odinga as Kenya is of peace, it is treason for the Kenya's opposition leader who has urged people to stay away from work on Monday over the disputed election result, violence should be ceased here as divocracy is found in the palms of the universal inhabitants in averting post election violence in our time as the Kenyans peruse Cicatrices; his claims were contrary to reports from both local and international observers that the poll was free and fair, the man Odinga, we think is facing the throe of treason indeed! Nepal floods - The Last Protocol prevents this really now we live towards our destiny. Internet addiction in China - We need Apocalypse III {Straws In Wind}.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Exclusive: Iraq

Iraq: US shelling killed dozens of Shia militia fighters Dozens of fighters from a Shia militia were killed by U.S. shelling near Iraq’s border with Syria, a source within the brigade, a faction of the Hashd al-Shaabi militia, said a convoy of its fighters was targeted inside southern Syria across the border from Al-Rutba district in Iraq’s Anbar province, at least 36 fighters who were fighting to contain jihadists got killed and 80 others injured in the attack - Sayed Al-Shuhada Brigade should take caution here even after the Iraqi government might have launched an investigation, we all discern by now drone cannot save us because we are brothers, only the scuffle has made us in this way, if we realize this then let us not drain the world economy as the former unrealization caused us to do, before the utterance of retaliation from the brigade; the attack took place after the convoy had crossed into Syria, it remained unclear what the militia fighters were doing in Syria where U.S. helps along with the Syrian rebels to end Assad regime which has necessitated this partly, and the U.S-led coalition in Iraq must be careful with the situation, the lingering consciousness that we are brothers regardless of the present situation of things leading us all to Afghanistan, as Iraq needs one army; an umbrella group of pro-government Shia militias, the Hashd al-Shaabi was established in 2014 to fight Daesh; since it was even alleged that it has been accused in the past of committing violations against civilians in Sunni-majority areas captured from Daesh, then we need to always think we shall be back on the peaceful feet as a cosmos of virtuous brothers , Iraq should continue in the effort of last November when Iraq’s parliament endorsed a proposal to formally incorporate the Hashd al-Shaabi into the Iraqi armed forces according to jawasi ere the period, afterall the brigade contains almost 300,000 fighters who are to be brothers soon.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Awake Consciousness

North Korea calls offer of talks from the South 'insincere' - North Korea should accept the negotiations with South Korea, to commence here, vowed to take action against the UN is for the country take decisive action on shelving the nuclear programme. Manus Island: Asylum seeker found dead in Australia-run centre, PNG police said the man, who is from Iran, took his own life, though reports say other residents contested that, asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat are detained at the Manus Island centre and on the nation of Nauru as part of the government's long-standing policy, conditions in the PNG and Nauru camps are inadequate with poor hygiene, cramped conditions, unrelenting heat and a lack of facilities - Each country must resolve indeed to solve every economic problem { the very economic problems which lead these peoples out of their different countries } via the jawasi app jawasimics. Mexico violence: Gunmen kill three on Baja California Sur beach - Drug trafficking, including robbery and kidnapping are trite in the nation however jawasi makes the men see what to be done from both sides. British woman 'shot in Brazil after getting lost', mistakenly driving into a favela,approached by an armed group,ended up in the Agua Santa community, a slum area known to have drug traffickers - Brazil gets it right, the society ill as consciousness of man wakes to its realization. Tunisian fishermen have prevented a ship carrying European far-right activists from docking - jawasimics: each country must resolve indeed to solve every economic problem.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Peace In Tolerance

Venezuela seized key opposition leaders - The peace we want is in tolerance, Venezuela is that nation to be x-rayed indeed via jawasi. Phone thieves 'robbed moving truck' in the Netherlands - Our minds are rich enough not to rob, we get to explore the minds for the better life. Half of all Australian university students 'harassed'- Harassment cannot be the bane in 21st century,opposite sex is virtue, jawasi lets the guys benefit from that.