Friday, May 25, 2018


Car bomb attack kills 7 in Libya - The idea of bombing sprung from the Koran however there is fasting, is it yet the state of the Islam; inasmuch as we want to live without the bombings, these jihadists must understand the Koran firmly, Brotherhood had helped to maintain peace in Soviet Afghanistan due to hegemony of the Soviet, do we think these Libyans are yet of hegemony. 50 dead in Congo DR boat capsize - The Congolese people think much on modern boats in aiding transportation in the country whilst The Confession Of Catherine Malepe makes us watch why our minds must be all free from misconducts before voyage.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Ex-President Patrick Obama was from Kenya, he led United States of America for good 8 years being the first African-American to lead. 2dead, 18 wounded in Italy auto-train crash - To avert such death, we need to perceive that accident does not just happen, there must be cause before effect, causes are seen in watching Kate's Confession, effect has brought about this post; if we can avert the causes, then there are possibilities so probably available to us via the causes. Gunmen kidnap 44 travelers in Kaduna State Nigeria - We think the Government and the different families begin to work on the jawasi solutions; before outcomes, people who do not want to be kidnapped affirm spirituality of security on minds viscerally.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Abduction in Nigeria, wife of state commissioner - Why do we have abductors: politicians are corrupt, families are in limbo and peer pressure permeates; the corruptions of the politicians lead to economic woes of no jobs and no good education, the families who are in limbo produce children whom they cannot foster therefore the children resort to all sorts of immorality, the peer pressure which permeates incurred by some children who come from barely perfect homes by emulating the children who come from the families in limbo; due to no jobs and no good education, some resort to kidnapping as source of income, these children in immoralities join them, and those who emulate them team with the challenge : politicians, parents and young minds who might have followed jawasi mini can see now where to be cautious if we are to have society without abduction. Cholera outbreak also in Adamawa State of the country, 12 dead, 134 hospitalized - To live without this, we need to surf really this platform meanwhile clean water [access to clean water from the Government], clean meal and no houseflies while the engine. Shooting in Burkina Faso, 2 dead - Grievances here, resolution can only bring the sphere to peace as we surf jawasi. Exhumation of albino body in Mozambique for ritual - Wealth is attitude, the positive attitude is cultivated via jawasi. Somali military convoy attacked by jihadists - Jihadists are one no doubt, a need to rethink we are one anywhere in the world, as Governments embrace such political oneness in party system. Private jet that departed from Texas U.S. crashes in Honduras - When it has crashed off the end of the runway, we are not far from The Confession Of Catherine Malepe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Report comes on Tuesday about plane crash in Mexico - People died to plane crash indeed; if we live towards our destiny really, there is not supposed to be the deaths; those who had worked in the past in U.S. to invent the plane successfully their spirits are today expecting us to develop progressively on the invention; to achieve this we watch the movie KATE'S CONFESSION; before that time, those who are in the aviation sector must observe every protocol to be put into consideration firmly ere any flights.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Fatal shooting again at Texas U.S. - The U.S. government must be three in one prohibiting gun use in the pivotal nation.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Before The F A

Two-year-old girl dies after police chase van carrying refugees in Belgium - jawasimics prevents such an ugly situation. Ebola spreads in Congo DR - The Congolese people observe cleanness at homes this time around, no cockroaches, no rats, and most importantly they avoid eating bush meats for now as they expect

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Venezuelan inmates seize control of prison ahead of Sunday elections - One does not expect a prisoner to be tortured after sentence, President Maduro should reinforce this authority in Venezuelan prison system meanwhile legitimacy in Venezuela should be put into consideration by resolving the socio-economic problems of the nation as jawasi works with the country. Killings in Texas, U.S. - The man entered into his ex-wife's home, shot the new husband and the wife's 3 children with the wife and killed himself, life here ought to be redeemed via marriages knowing fatal dangers in divorce. Gunman stopped at Illinois U.S. - U.S. Government works more on gun control. 4 dead in California U.S. auto crash - The movie Kate's Confession averts this.